Seasonal gathering of Whale Sharks off the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Four Whale Sharks circling each other as they feed just under the surface

Over/under picture of  a Whale Shark passing underneath our boat

Whale Shark navigating through a patch of Sargassum seasweed

Close up view of a Whale Shark feeding near the surface

Our Whale Shark guide (aka Diablo) expressing his opinion about Whale Sharks

Young boy sits on the bow of the boat while a Whale Shark passes underneath

Snorkeler takes in the sight of a Large Whale Shark

A snorkeler crosses paths with two gentle giants feeding at the surface

Whale shark skims the the surface of the water to feed on plankton 

Snorkeler and a Whale Shark swim side by side

Whale Shark in the vertical position just under the surface

Snorkeler with a small video camera takes in the sight of a large Whale Shark

Whale Shark heads towards the surface as snorkelers view from a distance

Snapshot of a Whale Shark as it passes underneath

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